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Be Your Best You

Women's 7 Week Guided Hypnosis Programme

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Are you trying to gain confidence? Attract wealth and success?

Feel happier every day?

If so then this is for you.

Many of us believe overcoming obstacles simply requires more effort.


Like a fly battering itself against a closed window over and over again, that just doesn’t work.

Even though the fly can't see the obstacle in it's way, the pane of glass is stopping it just the same, and no amount of increased effort is going to help the fly escape.

Our unconscious mind works in much the same way. Many of us have things stopping us from achieving our desires, and we may not even know they are there.


You cannot change your life while you remain the same.


Be Your Best You is a program of 7 guided hypnosis sessions designed to help you change at the unconscious level, so it’s not only effective, it’s easy!


No more pushing and striving only to come up against the same invisible obstacles again and again.

You can transform your life now, and become your very best you.


During my years in private practice with clients, it became clear to me that many of us are

struggling with the same unconscious beliefs. At a deep level:

We think we are not enough.

We think success is not available to us.

Or money. Or love.

All these limiting beliefs are the result of programming of the unconscious mind,

we quite probably are not even aware they are there.

It was in response to understanding there are common themes in all our

blocks to growth and success that I created

Be Your Best You,

a series of 7 Hypnosis sessions designed to target those

issues my clients were consistently struggled with.

What does it cost?

At Ignite Your Mind it is my dream to make therapeutic change techniques available to

as many people as possible. With this in mind, the Be Your Best You program is

50% cheaper than 7 one on one sessions with me

The costs for all 7 sessions is $525





First and foremost, these sessions are not group therapy!

There will be no obligation for you to say anything at all about yourself,

any trauma you may have experienced, or why you have decided to attend.

Be Your Best You sessions provide an opportunity for you to simply relax and let the good stuff sink in!










Each session is designed to run for around an hour and a half but each will vary.

You will need to bring a yoga mat, and perhaps a pillow and blanket.

Once everyone has arrived I will talk a little about that day's topic,

then everyone will settle comfortably onto a mat.

At the beginning of session one, I will provide some information on the workings

of the unconscious mind and what Hypnosis is, and answer any questions you may have.

I'll then take you through a relaxing Hypnosis - just like a guided meditation at the end

of a yoga class - focusing on a specific area of healing.

At the end of the session, people usually feel very relaxed and calm.

If there is time I will also allow a few minutes at the end of the session for taking notes

on any realisations or new understandings that may have occurred for you,

so I would also recommend bringing a notebook and pen.

The sessions cover a range of personal development topics that are traditionally

difficult to change using the conscious mind, including:

Embracing Change

Releasing Negative Beliefs

Clearing Patterns of Limiting Behaviour

Inner Child Healing

And more.

Program Dates

The next program begins:

Coming soon!

If you are ready to become your very best you,

book today!

What to Expect

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