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Hypnosis, also called hypnotic suggestion or trance, is an altered state of consciousness that causes individuals to have heightened concentration and focus. It is an extremely effective tool for assisting clients to achieve rapid change, whether in achieving their goals or in ridding themselves of an unwanted pattern of behaviour.

Hypnosis or trance is a naturally occurring state of consciousness that we all experience every day! Have you ever 'zoned out' staring into space? Or driven to a destination with no real memory of doing the driving? These experiences are trance - where your conscious mind has taken a break and your unconscious mind has come to the fore and is in control.

The Conscious and

The Unconscious Mind

As we go about our lives we tend to only be aware of the workings of our conscious mind. It is the part of us that criticises, analyses, solves problems etc. However our conscious mind is actually only responsible for a small amount of our overall programming.

Our unconscious mind is the "behind the scenes" part of our thinking. Despite us being predominately unaware of it happening, our unconscious mind is beavering away in the background storing all our memories, forming all our values, running our patterns of behaviour, and a lot more!

It is responsible for the things we do automatically, and as such, it is the part we want to gain access to in order to create long lasting change in our lives.

During a hypnosis session mental images and verbal repetition are used to relax the client and calm the conscious mind so it can take a backseat the the unconscious mind. This allows the client and the hypnotherapist to work directly together with the client's unconscious.


What Hypnosis Is Not

  • Being asleep or unconscious

  • Having your mind taken over

  • Being unable to remember what happened during the session

  • Being out of control

During hypnosis session a client can hear everything that is being said, and they are likely to recall all of what happens during the session. They are completely in control and will not take on board any suggestion does not seem appropriate to them.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Trying to break a habit or pattern of behaviour using your conscious mind can be nearly impossible. As soon as you stop consciously thinking of 'not doing' that problem, your unconscious mind takes over and runs the same old pattern. Anxieties, phobias, past traumas and addictions are predominantly run by the unconscious, as so it is the unconscious that needs to be taught a new way of operating.

It's like reprogramming a computer. If the computer is running a program that is no longer useful, we need to access the part of the computer responsible for running that programme and alter it.

In a hypnotic state state we gain access to the unlimited resources and potential of the unconscious mind to create long lasting change at the root core of the problem.











Hypnosis can help create:


- Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

- New, more resourceful patterns of behaviour

- Improved sports performance

- Increased motivation

- Greatly improved self awareness and understanding

- And more...


Hypnosis can help alleviate:

- Anxieties

- Fears and Phobias

- Addictions

- Stress

- Unwanted behaviour patterns from past trauma

- And more...
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