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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Perhaps the first step to understanding what NLP is and how it works is to understand what it means.

Neuro: Refers to our neurology, meaning our mind.


Linguistic: Refers to language.


Programming: Refers to how that language creates,

interacts with, and changes our neurology.

NLP therapy is a set of language and sensory-based interventions and behavior modification techniques intended to help improve a client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, social actions and more.


The goals of NLP are to help the client understand that the way one views the world affects how one operates in the world, and that to create change it is necessary to alter thoughts and behavior patterns that have not proven beneficial in the past.

Like Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming is another extremely effective way of gaining access to our unconscious programming, to create new ways of being that last.

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The Conscious and

The Unconscious Mind


As we go about our lives we tend to only be aware of the workings of our conscious mind. It is the part of us that criticises, analyses, solves problems etc. However our conscious mind is actually only responsible for a small amount of our overall programming.

Our unconscious mind is the "behind the scenes" part of our thinking. Despite us being predominately unaware of it happening, our unconscious mind is beavering away in the background storing all our memories, forming all our values, running our patterns of behaviour, and a lot more!

It is responsible for the things we do automatically, and as such, it is the part we want to gain access to in order to create long lasting change in our lives.

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