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Ignite Your Mind Hypnosi and NLP

Hypnosis and NLP


Fast, safe, effective change that lasts.

We tend to think in life that someone or something is going

to come along and ‘fix’ us, or make everything okay.

A partner or a child will make us feel loved,

more money will make us happy,

more success at work will make us feel worthy.

These feelings of being broken or stuck or just not good enough

arise from unconscious wounding,

and the only person who can heal you, is you.

Hypnotherapy provides a way for us to find the root cause of what is holding

us back, and heal at this deep unconscious level, providing permanent change.



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Wedding Relaxation Hypnosis

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Be YourBest You


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What People Are Saying

"I was incredibly fortunate to discover Alana and her

'magical powers'.

I can't quite put into words how dramatically

my life has changed in just a few weeks of seeing Alana.

If you are serious about transforming your life,

then I cannot recommend Alana enough.

For the first time in a long time I am excited for what

the future holds for me."

Faye, Grey Lynn

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